Be part of TV's most famous fire brigade and keep the city safe.

Who hasn't ever dreamed of becoming a real firefighter? Today you get the chance to get your fire brigade license under the guidance of sergeant Orlando Foncke in the Under Fire Escape Room, and to join the famous television corps of 'Station East'. Two mobile escape rooms, each with their own storyline, take you into the adventure of the top fiction series for 45 minutes.

Escape rooms

Escape room 1


Enter the Station East base and get ready to go on an intervention. Will you get to the seat of the fire in time?

Your team must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people.

Escape room 2

Burning House

Time for your baptism of fire. Those who can leave the fire drill as a real team within 45 minutes can proudly call themselves a new member of Station East.

Your team must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people.


1 Escape Room

€ 60

You play one escape room for 45 minutes. Come by with 2 to 4 people and choose between The Command Center or Het Brandend Huis

2 Escape Rooms

€ 120

You book both escape rooms for 1h30′. Come by with 2 to 4 people.
You first play The Command Center and then Het Brandend Huis.


You book both escape rooms for 45 minutes. Come by with 4 to 8 people and make 2
One team plays The Command Center,
and the other Het Brandend Huis.

at your event

€ 60 / sessie

You bring both mobile escape rooms to your event and offer your guests exciting top entertainment all day long.  

Minimum 4 sessies
Excl. Transportkost

Frequently asked questions

The escape rooms are on wheels, so we can travel all over the country. So keep an eye on this website to discover all current and new locations. The escape rooms can also come to you for a minimum of half a day. In the second part of this questionnaire you can already find some questions and answers about renting the Under Fire Escape Rooms at your own event.

When we are not on tour, the escape rooms can be found and played at the domain of 'Open Huis! in Staden.

The escape rooms can be cooled and heated. Inside it is always a pleasant temperature regardless of the season.

Elk spel neemt 1 uur in beslag. We beginnen met een korte inleiding en daarna hebben jullie tot 50 minuten om te ontsnappen.

In each escape room you play with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. Are you with two to four people? Then it is best to rent one escape room. Are you with more than four, but less than 8 people? Then you rent two escape rooms and split into teams. More than 8 people cannot play at the same time.

The Under Fire Escape Rooms consists of two escape rooms. Playing a single escape room will cost you €60, and you can enter it with 2 to 4 people for 45 minutes. Playing both escape rooms will cost you €100, and you can enter them with 4 to 8 people for 45 minutes.

To actively participate in the puzzles, we recommend the age of 14 years.
However, children of all ages can join under supervision.
They may not understand everything during the game, but we always put a smile on their face by putting them in a firefighter's coat and helmet at the end. For smaller children we recommend 'The Command Center'.

Are you pregnant? That's no problem. Neither room contains scary elements, only in the 'Burning House' you can sometimes get stuck in the dark.

The escape rooms are not wheelchair friendly.

Professional guidance is provided during every game. So you are never alone. Do you have questions, comments or do you wish to leave the escape room for one reason or another? Then we are always ready to help you!

Zeker en vast! Ons reservatiesysteem kan deze helaas niet automatisch verwerken, geef de code van de voucher aan bij reservatie, en we handelen de terugbetaling zo snel mogelijk af. Of geef ons een seintje via mail. 

The escape rooms at your event

Send an email to with a short description of your event, location, and the number of people you expect. Our team will create a formula based on your event and will contact you shortly.

Elk van de twee escape rooms kan 2 tot 4 spelers aan, en dit elke uur. Er is 50 minuten speltijd en 10 minuten voor de reset en introductie nodig. Op één dag tijd kunnen tot 40 personen per escape room het spel spelen. Heb je 40 gasten of minder, dan huur je best één escape room, verwacht je meer dan 40 personen? Dan huur je ze best alletwee.

Elk event is anders, daarom werken wij steeds via offerte. De meest gebruikelijke formule bevat een vaste dagprijs plus transportkosten. 

You can rent from 1 half day, but can also be rented for longer periods.

Professional guidance is always provided during rental. So you are never alone. Do you have questions, comments or do you wish to leave the escape room for one reason or another? Then we are always ready to help you!

The escape rooms don't need much space. A single escape room is 7 meters long, 2 meters wide, 3 meters high and weighs approximately 3,500 kg. Furthermore, only power is required, a standard socket is sufficient. When renting two cars, each car must be placed on a separate track. Each trolley contains a cable reel of 25 meters.

Vorige Locaties

Mercator Oostende

Mercator Oostende

Wegens succes verlengd.

Jan Piersplein, 8400 Oostende.

Within walking distance of the station.

Last weekend!
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Kerkstraat, 8830 Hooglede.

In the parking lot at the Quirinuszaal.


Gezindsbond Ledegem

‘T Spoor, Stationsstraat 77, 8880 Ledegem.

Inkom langs de achterkant

Schone schaapjes beurs

Ieperstraat 157, 8840 Staden.

€20 korting t.w.v. 2 inkomtickets voor de beurs.
Inkomtickets voor de beurs apart te kopen aan de ingang.

PreConge Waregem
Regenboogpark, 8790 Waregem.



Staden (+- 15 minutes from Roeselare)

Ieperstraat 157, 8840 Staden

On the parking lot of 'Open Huis'

Veiligheidsdag Roeselare

Veiligheidsdag Roeselare

Slechts €20/spel dankzij KOERS

16 slots beschikbaar!

Evenementenzone Veiligheidsdag
Gasstraat, Roeselare 

Opendeur Brandweer Waregem

50% korting dankzij Brandweer Waregem!

Op het domein van de nieuwe brandweerkazerne.

More locations coming soon!

Couldn't find an answer to all your questions? Please feel free to contact us.


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